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Carolus L. C. PRAET, Director of the Glocal Education Division

(Professor, Department of Commerce)

Welcome to OUC’s Glocal Education Division’s website.

The Glocal Education Division is in charge of preparing students for work in local, national and global organizations across the private, government, and non-profit sectors. The forces of globalization and the counter-forces of protectionism, which have recently become stronger around the world, have made it much more challenging and complex to work in these organizations.

While globalization has traditionally been mainly conceptualized as referring to large multinational companies serving customers in foreign countries, the forces of globalization in combination with the spread of the Internet and e-commerce have made it possible for small companies and even individuals to do business across the world. In addition, globalization has led to increased competition inside national borders and even businesses with a traditional local focus can no longer ignore foreign competitors.

One recent development that illustrates the importance for local businesses to also serve foreign customers is the surge in foreign travelers visiting Japan. This has increased the need on the part of local, regional, and national profit and non-profit organizations to understand the needs and wants of these foreign visitors, and to grasp what makes them similar to or different from domestic customers.

Thus, companies and governments in Japan increasingly need human resources who can not only communicate in foreign languages, but who also possess cross-cultural skills, knowledge, and sensitivity to make it possible for these organizations to serve customers irrespective of place or nationality. This is the type of person that we are striving to educate at OUC.

OUC has a long tradition of incorporating foreign language education as part of our liberal arts curriculum. We have also been one of the pioneers in Japan in offering an English-language program in business and economics topics, which has attracted students from around the world for over 20 years.

Since 2015, we have expanded our global orientation by offering an English-language Glocal Management Program (GMP) as a minor field of study. Moreover, in 2021 we started recruiting students for our “Glocal course” via a separate entrance exam. The GMP and Glocal Course programs are integrated with our YOUC program for inbound exchange students. This means that we have created a learning environment where students from Japan and exchange students from around the world work together to study topics in business and economics together in a multicultural and interactive environment.

In addition, we offer a variety of primarily off-campus, short-term and long-term study programs and study tours in collaboration with our partner institutions in Asia, Oceania, North America, and Europe to better prepare our students for living and working in an increasingly globalizing world.

In 2019, we started offering a so-called ‘gap year’ program for new undergraduate students who have just graduated from high school to give them the opportunity to acquire valuable experiences either in Japan or abroad even before they start their studies at OUC. From the 2024 intake, students taking the gap year program now have the choice of five international destinations: University of Hawaiʻi Kapiʻolani Community College in Honolulu, Hawaii (USA), the University of Otago English Language Centre in Dunedin (New Zealand), Ara Institute of Canterbury in Christchurch (New Zealand), Wollongong University College in Wollongong (Australia), and the International University of Malaya-Wales in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

While it is important to have a global orientation and awareness, we believe it is equally important to also increase student awareness of and engagement with local and regional communities, as these communities need to be socially and economically reinvigorated through the contributions of young people. With this in mind, we offer internships at local businesses and other organizations to our exchange students and regular students.

In short, the Glocal Education Division is one of the key divisions for implementing OUC’s mission of “Educating ‘glocal’ human resources who can contribute to the regional economy from a global perspective”.

I hope to see you soon at Otaru University of Commerce!
















  1. グローカルマネジメント副専攻プログラム及び短期留学プログラム
  2. 学生国際交流の実施
  3. 国際交流会館の管理運営
  4. 国際交流における助成金の事務
  5. 長期学外学修プログラム
  6. 他機関と連携する留学プログラム
  7. その他グローカル教育に関して必要なこと
  1. Glocal management program (minor) and YOUC program for inbound exchange students
  2. Student outbound exchange programs
  3. Management and operation of the dormitory for inbound exchange students
  4. Administration of grants for in- and outbound exchange students
  5. Long-term off-campus study programs
  6. Exchange study programs in cooperation with other organizations
  7. Other operational duties related to glocal education



グローカル教育部門長 Director プラート カロラス Carolus L. C. PRAET
グローカル教育副部門長 Vice Director 池田 真介 Shinsuke IKEDA
小林 広治 Koji KOBAYASHI
グローカル教育部門専任教員 Glocal Education Division Full-Time Faculty 小林 広治 Koji KOBAYASHI
デバーグヒラベ 良子 Ryoko DE BURGH-HIRABE
短期留学プログラムコーディネーター YOUC Program (Exchange Program) Coordinator 王 力勇 Liyong WANG
短期留学プログラム担当教員 Study Abroad Faculty (Glocal Education Division) 池田 真介 Shinsuke IKEDA
王 力勇 Liyong WANG
地域連携教育担当コーディネーター Coordinator (Glocal Education Division) Research Fellow
国際連携教育担当コーディネーター Coordinator (Glocal Education Division)







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