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Frequently Asked Questions
General questions

What are the Library's hours?
You can check the Libray's regular hours.

What procedure should I follow to use the Library?
Staff and students of the University use their student ID or staff ID as a library ID card. Non-members are allowed reading privileges upon presentation of their valid identification such as a driver's license or a passport at the main counter on the 2nd floor.
For more information, please see How to use the OUC Library.

I am a visitor. May I use the Library?
Yes, OUC Library is open to the public. For specific information, visit Guide for Visitors.

How many and how long can I borrow materials?
Your library privileges vary according to your status at OUC. Please check your borrowing entitlement from Borrowing, Returns, Renewals, Reservations.

What should I do if I need to return my books when the Library is closed?
You may return the books at the book post located outside of the Reading Room (2nd floor).

I need a book that is checked out. How can I request it?
If a book is on loan to another user, you can place a reservation so that when it is returned it will be held for you. Please ask at the counter.

How can I renew my book? 
Yes, you can renew materials up to 3 times unless another borrower has requested it or your books are overdue.

I want to take out a material not for loan (e.g. periodicals, dictionaries, etc. ... ).
Confined and reference books can be taken out temporarily to read in other places or to copy; please follow the prescribed procedure at the counter.

Can I photocopy library materials?
The Library provides a range of photocopying services. Our staff will be pleased to help you with your photocopying requirements. For more details, visit Photocopies and digital copies in Library collections.

How can I suggest a book for purchase?
Students and faculty may submit suggestions for materials to be added to the Library. You can use PURCHASE REQUEST FORM at the counter on the 2nd floor to suggest a purchase of a book. You may also reserve the books you requested.

What should I do to use other university libraries?
Conditions are variable depending upon the policy of the library you apply to; it is strongly recommended to check the library's condition before you visit. for more information, visit How to use the OUC Library.

Can I request books from other libraries?
The Inter-Library Loan service gives OUC students, faculty and staff access to materials from other libraries which is not held by OUC Library. It covers all kinds of printed or other materials, including books, theses, and journals. For specific information, visit Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service (for members of OUC only).

How can I find materials on specific topics?
If you need help with a research project, or have questions about the Library, our librarians are available to assist you. Reference services provide you information about location of materials, use of the online catalog and other databases. For more information, visit Reference service.

What should I do to read dissertations and undergraduate thesis of alumni?
You can get an application form for thesis at the counter, fill in and submit it. You can search the theses on the Library's website.

I borrowed a book from the Library and now I've lost it. What should I do?
Lost books will be replaced at reader's expense. Please inform the Library first.

What is OPAC?
OUC OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) has a record of each of the items that this library owns. You can search it with any PCs connected to Internet.
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