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Borrowing, Returns, Renewals, Reservations

 Borrowing Materials 

  • You need to present your student I.D. card or Library I.D. card whenever you want to borrow materials from the Library.
  • "Automatic Book Circulation System (ABC-II)" is also available in front of the main counter in the Reading room (2F), that allows you to borrow / renew / return books by your own. Please follow the instructions on the screen and remember to take your receipt with you.

 Borrowing entitlements 

Borrower Type Volumes Loan Period
Open stack books Unbound periodicals Closed stack books
Professors (Full-time) 50 1 month 1 week 1 year
Staff (Officer) 5 For reference use only 1 month
Graduate students 30 2 months
Undergraduates(※1) 10 1 month
Professor emeritus 20 6 months
Special users(※2)
General users 3 16 days 16 days
※1: All OUC students include undergraduate/research students, credit auditors, and exchange students; exclude graduate students.
Special loan service is offered for undergraduate students writing their graduation thesis in their final year.Participants of the extension course are classified as 'visitors' (General users or Special users).

※2: the visitor admitted and issued the special certificate by a professor/staff of OUC.

 Materials not available for loan 

  • Some materials are for reference only; but not for loan:
    a) rare or valuable books
    b) reference books
    c) newly arrived books
    d) statistical materials
    e) graduation thesis
    f) periodicals

  • Confined and reference books can be taken out temporarily to read in other places or to copy; please follow the prescribed procedure at the counter. (Do not attempt to leave the Library with any item which has not been issued to you, or the alarm will sound at the exit gate.)
  • Books cannot be issued to you if you have any overdue book.
  • Do not attempt to leave the Library with any item which has not been issued to you, or the alarm will sound at the exit gate.


Books must be returned by the due time or due date. A student .ID. card or a Library I.D. card is not required at the time of returning.
  • In order to help you keep track of your materials, all books have a date due slip which is stamped with the due date at the time the material is checked out. A due date slip will be printed for books checked out on the ABC.
  • To return books when the Library is closed, drop them into the Book post in front of the entrance on 2nd floor


Items can be renewed up to a maximum of three times unless they have been reserved by another user.
    Renewals can be requested by:
  • presenting the book and your student ID card or Library ID card (in person)
  • following procedures at the ABC


  • If a book is on loan to another user, you can place a reservation so that when it is returned it will be held for you. You may ask staff, in person, at the main counter.
  • You will be notified when the book is available for you. Reserved books will be held for 1 week, and can be collected from the main counter on the 2nd floor.

 Fines and Charges 

  • Lost or Damaged Books - Lost, damaged or not returned books will be replaced at reader's expense. Please handle them with care and responsibility.
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