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 Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service (for members of OUC only) 

The Inter-Library Loan service gives OUC students, faculty and staff access to material from other libraries which is not held by OUC Library. It covers all kinds of printed or other materials, including books, theses, and journals

Making a request

  • To make a request, please complete an interlibrary request form.
  • Usually the average turnaround time for obtaining material through ILL is 1-2 weeks. Requests sent internationally usually take considerably longer.

In person

  • Interlibrary request forms are available from the Reference counter of Information Circulation Unit in the Library office (2nd floor).

 Via internet 

You can apply for an inter-library loan on-line.
  • Requests may be made through Internet by completing the form. Only requests from on-campus are acceptable. 
    Online Application Form (for Professors)(for Students)
  • From off-campus, you can apply by an E-mail to lib-sanko@office.otaru-uc.ac.jp, accompanied by an interlibrary request form which is downloadable from the following:
    For Professors
    ダウンロード Copy articles ill_kyoin_c_en.rtf (16KB) /  ダウンロード Loan materials ill_kyoin_l_en.rtf (16KB)
    For Students
    ダウンロード Copy articles ill_gakusei_c_en.rtf (20KB) /  ダウンロード Loan materials ill_gakusei_l_en.rtf (20KB)


Costs can be charged to a research expenses or paid for personally. Payment is required once your request has been filled. The fee for an Inter-Library Loan request is as follows:

Photocopies 10 to 60 yen /sheet + postage
Loans Postage +handling fees.
The costs depend on the weight and distance the parcel will travel.

To Request Overseas

You can request materials to The British Library Document Supply Centre (BLDSC)anduniversity libraries in Korea (Libraries participating in the tentative service of Korea-Japan ILL/DD).

The British Library Document Supply Centre (BLDSC)
BLDSC (available for the faculty and staff only)
Photocopies 2,315 yen /article
Loans 3,953 yen /book

University libraries in Korea
For full details about the service of Korea-Japan ILL, please refer to this page→About participation in the tentative service of Korea-Japan ILL/DD
From Korea (photocopy only)
Basic fee 100 yen /request
Photocopies 10 yen or more /page
Postage It varies according to the volume of the materials/shipping method
By airmail: 300−2,500 yen.
By EMS (Express Mail Service): 900 〜 3,000 yen

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