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About the tentative service of Korea-Japan ILL/DD
(for OUC members ONLY)

OUC Library has been participating in the tentative service of Korea-Japan ILL/DD since March 2006.  This partnership enables you to request holdings of university libraries in Korea, by following the standard procedure for ILL.

Making a request

Requests can be made by following the standard ILL procedure; please refer to ILL service (order for articles and books)

  • Under the basic agreement between Korea and Japan, only the articles appeared in publications issued in Korea are the objects of this service.
  • Please note that this service includes photocopies only; loan of materials is NOT included.
  • For the list of Korea-Japan ILL/DD Participants in Korea, click here
  • To consult the online catalogs of libraries in Korea in Research Information Service Site (RISS), refer to Korea Education & Research Information Service (KERIS).


  • Charges can be paid for by your research money or your own expenses; grants are not accepted.
    From Korea (photocopy only)
    Basic fee 100 yen /request
    Photocopies 10 yen or more /page
    Postage It varies according to the volume of the materials/shipping method
    By airmail: 300−2,500 yen.
    By EMS (Express Mail Service): 900 〜 3,000 yen.

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