Thorough Support for International Students       

A University with an International View        

  Otaru University of Commerce opens its door to all excellent students of the world. The university considers that such an educational environment where students and academic staff with different backgrounds and cultures study together is important in itself. Through business and trade, people of the world encounter each other. The movement toward globalization has accelerated and deepened such a tendency. Not only does the international environment on the campus offer a good practice field for the international world that graduates will face after their embarkation to the business world, but also contact with different views encourages the flexible and objective attitudes of students.

  Emphasis on an international view of education at the university did not begin recently. Since its establishment in 1910, the motto that the university has traditionally regarded as important has been the connection of academic knowledge to practice, an international view and flexible academic attitudes. Such an international view is reflected in the systematic education of foreign language as an inevitable part of commercial scholarship.

  In the last decade, the university took a further step to give more opportunities to international students to study at the university. Various efforts have been taken to support students from diverse countries. As of 2009, more than sixty international students are studying at Otaru University of Commerce.

Support for All Aspects of Life

 International students cannot avoid experiencing the adaptation process to a new environment and culture, not to mention the language. The university offers various schemes to help international students adapt to this new situation quickly and easily. The International Center is a home for international students who are fat away from their countries, which supports all aspects of your life in Otaru, not only in academic support. The center gives information and assistance that is necessary for you to live in Japan.


 The university is highly praised for its efforts in international exchange amongst Japanese university. It offers various schemes of financial support for international students, comfortable and safe accommodation, a tutoring system and also support by local organizations outside of the university. The university has its own financial support for international students with a student tutor, who acts as a personal guide to your life in Otaru.

  There is an International Lounge in the Center as a place to have exchanges with other international and Japanese students. It is also a place of study equipped with computers and reference materials.

International House

  The international House has accommodation for international students and international exchange scholars with good security and independence. It is located next to the university. Around forty people from all over the world are currently living together there.