〈Basic Subjects〉
●Strategic Management
●Marketing Management
●Organizational theory and Human Resource Management
●Corporate Finance
●Basics of Business Accounting
●Basic Statistics for Doing Researches
●Information Processing and Application
〈Core Subjects〉
●Strategic Innovation Management
●The Origins of Entrepreneurs and Leadership Thoughts
●Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics
●Corporate Finance and Taxation Strategy
●Operations Management
●Customer-Oriented Management
●Accounting and Business Analysis
●Methods of Economic and Statistical Analysis for Corporate Managers
●Information Technology and Organizational Decision Making
●International Business〈Elective Subjects〉
●Technology and Business Innovation
●Life Sciences Business Establishment
●Management of Intellectual Property
●Business Creation and Law
●Public Management
●Economic Development in Hokkaido
●Northeast Asian Economic Research
●Marketing Research
●Administration and Development of Organizational Systems
●Financial Accounting and Investor Relations
●Performance-Based Budgeting
●Environmental Management
●Financial System for Enterprise Development
●International Trade Practice
●Practical Business english
●Advanced Business english 〈Practice SubjectsⅠ〉
●Business PlanningⅠ
●Business PlanningⅡ
●Case StudyⅠ
●Case StudyⅡ〈Practice SubjectsⅡ〉
●Business PlanningⅢ
●Case StudyⅢ
●Project Study
〈Research Workshop〉
●Research Workshop
Elective Subjects

Mathematics for Economists  Public Economics  Industrial Organization  ●Labor Economics
Financial Economics  International Economics  International Finance  
History of Modern Economics  Computational Economics  Japanese Economics
Modern Commerce Ⅰ  ●Modern Commerce Ⅱ  ●Financial System  Small Business Studies
Enterprise in North Regions  Human Resource Management  Financial Accounting
Management Accounting Ⅱ  ●Topics in Accounting  Intercultural Studies for TEFL/TESL
Materials Development   ●Testing and Evaluation  Advanced Business English
Administrative Law Ⅰ  ●Tax Law   Constitutional Law Ⅰ  ●Constitutional Law
Criminal Law  International Law  Civil Law Ⅰ  ●Civil Law Ⅱ  ●Civil Law
Commercial Law Ⅰ  ●Commercial Law Ⅱ  ●Commercial Law Ⅲ  ●Antitrust Law
Civil Procedure  Intellectual Property Law  Labor Law  Social Security Law
International Economic Law  Special Legal Studies  General Researches on Law B
Regional Systems  Regional Systems Ⅱ  ●Social Measurement Ⅱ  
Theory of Information and Organization Ⅰ  ●Theory of Information and Organization
Application Design Ⅰ  ●Application Design Ⅱ  ●Management Information Systems
Management Information Systems Ⅱ  ●Knowledge Information Theory
Knowledge Information Theory Ⅱ  ●Special Studies on Information and Management Science
Interdepartmental Course Subjects

Special Studies in Human/Social Science  Special Studies in Natural/Health Science
Foreign Language Seminar

Doctor’s Degree Second-term Program

The Major in Modern Commerce, Doctor’s Degree Second-term Program aims at producing researchers in the academic field of Commerce and highly-skilled businessmen who, having carried out an in-depth study of specific themes and completed a doctoral dissertation, can contribute to various spheres of both the regional and international communities.

Doctor’s Degree First-term Program

The major in Modern Commerce, Doctor’s Degree First-term Program aims at education based upon undergraduate studies and a wide rang of profound academic research, and also at producing researchers and high-skilled businessmen with a cosmopolitan outlook

Constitutional Law (Basic)  ●Constitutional Law (Basic)  Criminal Law (Basic)
International Law (Basic)  ●Civil Law (Basic)  Civil Law (Basic)  Civil Law (Basic)
Commercial Law (Basic)  Commercial Law (Basic)  Commercial Law (Basic)
Antitrust Law (Basic)  Civil Procedure (Basic)  Intellectual Property Law (Basic)  
Labor Law (Basic)  Social Security Law (Basic)  International Economic Law (Basic)
General Researches on Law A  Reading Method in Foreign Languages  Management Science
Management Science  Decision Theory  ●Social Measurement   Information System
Information System Ⅱ  Computer Science Ⅰ  Computer Science Ⅱ  Knowledge Science
Major in Entrepreneurship (MBA Program)

Doctor’s Degree First-term Program


Academic Training Subjects
Research Methodology  Academic English   Academic English   Statistics


Seminars Seminars Seminars

Doctor’s Degree Secong-term Program


Research and Education in the field of Modern Commerce
Topics on Modern Marketing Theory  Distribution System  ●Contemporary Financial System

Research and Education in the field of Organization Management

Organization Theory  International Business Strategy  Finance  Corporate Law

Research and Education in the field of Corporate Information Strategy
Topics in Modern Financial Accounting Information   Management Accounting
Advanced Information Systems   Information Technology Theory
Advanced Mathematical Decision Making

Research and Education in the field of Modern Business Theories and Systems
Economic Analysis for Business  Economic Analysis on International Business
Business Law  Topics in Information Management in Business  Insurance and Risk Seminars
Prospectus for Doctoral Dissertation   Seminar for Doctoral Dissertation
Seminar for Doctoral Dissertation   Seminar for Doctoral Dissertation

Basic Subjects

●Microeconomics Ⅰ   ●Microeconomics   Macroeconomics
Macroeconomics Ⅱ  Econometrics   Econometrics   
Economic History  Modern Market System  International Market Strategy 
Business History
  Organization Theory   Financial Accounting Ⅰ 
Management Accounting Ⅰ  Foundations of Intercultural Communication Ⅰ  
Foundations of Intercultural Communication Ⅱ  Language Concepts for TESL/TEFL  
English Grammar in a Contrastive Perspective  Topics in Linguistics and Language Teaching  
Foundations of Applied Linguistics  Language and Culture  Practical Business English 
Administrative Law (Basic)  Tax Law (Basic)

  Major in Modern Commerce   

  Entrepreneurship is expected to play an essential role in thecontinuing growth of the Hokkaido economy, which has recently struggled as a result of a combination of economic weakness,
unsuccessful new businesses and a lack of new business ventures, and an inflexible organizational structure. Our graduate program offers opportunities to nurture future business leaders who will initiate new projects at companies, start new businesses, strategize and carry out business plans, and challenge the stagnant organizational structure in many companies and municipalities. We will help you develop the skills required to make competent business plans and detect and solve in-house problems using techniques and skills based on the latest
research and knowledge in business administration.