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[April 4 - August 6 ] Only the first floor of library partially open. (Only for Student and faculty, closed on Sundays and public holidays) The library is being renovated now.

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    About the Library

     The Library of Otaru University of Commerce is located in the center of the campus; its academic heart. There is a great variety of books and periodicals, mainly in the field of social science, collected from Japan and abroad, providing a fount of information for our faculty and students. In our collection there are about 460,000 books. We take more than 12,000 titles in our periodical section and we are adding to this every year.
     In a departure from the concept of conventional libraries where people sit and read quietly, the remodeled library's main floor (2F) features a group learning room and an open space as part of an active education area for students. The floor is also used as a learning commons area where students can work together.
     The main floor is designed for activities to stimulate intellectual curiosity in various ways. In this regard, it is used as a venue for lectures, seminars, research presentations and other events with diverse themes, and showcases topical literture with a mixture of actual publications and digital signage.
     The third floor is more in keeping with the conventional image of university libraries. Books and scholarly journals nacessary for study are made readily available to support intensive learning by individual students. The seating is designed so that users can concentrate on their own work without distraction.
     The latest materials are collected and provided at the library to fulfill the needs of students and faculty members. These include books necessary for study, periodicals, electronic journals and databases. The facility's extensive collection, which has been built over the university's history of more than 100 years, is one of the nation's largest, and includes a variety of important documents in the field of social science and other areas.
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