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Home Delivery Loan Service

This is a part of the library service which caters to people who are unable to visit the Library on their own, which is basically intended for the local residents of Otaru area.

I. Conditions

  1. Qualification
    This service is available for:
    ・ Local residents of Otaru area who are unable to visit the Library due to physical disability, a long term illness, or old age etc.
    ・This service is for those who have already registered; Please refer here for further information on application.

  2. Loan limits
    ・ Loan limits are in accordance with the Library Regulations for external users

U. How to apply

 Applications can be made by following procedures as below:

(1) Asking us via telephone/e-mail.
(2) Completing Home-delivery application form and mail/fax it to the Library
  •  The application form here (PDF.16KB / Excel. 28KB).
  •  The form is also available mailed to your address.

    Requested materials will be sent to your address by postal parcels cash on delivery (Postage will be charged).

    Returns and Loan period renewals
    (1) The borrowing materials should be sent back to the Library by the due date (users must pay the postage).
    (2) After its expiry, the loan period (for 16 days) can be renewed only once by telephone, providing no one else is waiting for that item.

※Home delivery service process flowchart→here(pdf.12KB)
※Rules and regulations→here(pdf.8KB)
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