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 Mutual-use service among university libraries 

OUC Library has been a member of the mutual-use service among university libraries since September 2004. Registration and borrowing service are offered upon presentation of your student ID card, without any complicated procedures. Members include libraries of 25 universities in Hokkaido (as of August 1st, 2010) and OUC Library is no exception. Registration and borrowing service are offered upon presentation of your student ID card, without any complicated procedures.

How to use

  1. Visit the member libraries with your student ID card and make a registration.
    * Sapporo University Library and Hokusei Gakuen University Library require ID photo (3 x 3 cm) along with your student ID card
  2. To borrow books, the loan procedure should be done by following the direction of a library staff there. You are responsible to return it to the library by the due date.
  3. It is preferable to check materials you need using OPAC of each library's website in advance.
  4. Some libraries limit visitors at a certain time of year such as during an examination period. You are advised to check the library calendar on each website beforehand.
  5. You are expected to behave in a responsible manner in libraries.

  6. Using internet or databases will be permitted only by following the direction of library staff.

Member libraries

  1. Asahikawa University Library
  2. Chitose Institute of Science and Technology
  3. Fuji Woman's University Library
  4. Health Sciences University of Hokkaido Library
  5. Hokkai Gakuen University Library
  6. Hokkai School of Commerce
  7. Hokkaido Bunkyo University Library (Sapporo)
  8. Hokkaido Institute of Technology Library
  9. Hokkaido University of Education Library  Sapporo Campus |  Hakodate Campus |  Asahikawa Campus |  Kushiro Campus |  Iwamizawa Campus
  10. Hokusei Gakuen University Library
  11. Hokkaido Informaiton University
  12. Hokusho University
  13. Kushiro Public University of Economics Library
  14. Nayoro City University Library
  15. Obihiro University of Agliculture and Veterinary Medicine Library
  16. Rakuno Gakuen University Library
  17. Sapporo City University Library
  18. Sapporo Gakuin University Library
  19. Sapporo Medical Scholarly Communication Center
  20. Sapporo Otani University Library
  21. Sapporo University Library
  22. Tenshi College
  23. Tokai University Hokkaido Campus Library
  24. Tokyo University of Agriculture, Okhotsk Campus, Information Center for Education and Research
  25. Otaru University of Commerce Library

Non-member libraries

Some non-member libraries require a letter to introduction to use services. If you need a letter, please inquire at the main counter on the 2nd floor in advance of your visit to those libraries. Issuing a letter could take a few days.

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