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The Alliance Service with Otaru City Library

This collaboration between Otaru City Library and OUC Library, under the agreement of coordinated cooperation, enables mutual lending service. It allows OUC members to use borrowing/returning service of Otaru City Library at OUC Library, and vice versa.

I. Borrowing privileges

Anyone who has been registered at either library is eligible.

User's entitlements
(A) Users at OUC library: members of OUC or external users.
(B) Users at Otaru City library: Otaru residents or commuters/students in Otaru.

II.How to register

To enjoy the service, you are required to go through the registration procedures at either of these libraries.

(A)   At OUC library
  • OUC MEMBERS: no need of registration; your student/staff's card will serve as your library card.
  • EXTERNAL USERS: identifications e.g.) driver's license, passport, and ID card from your institution
    ※The OUC Library card is valid until the end of each fiscal year (March). If you wish to continue using the library services, it is necessary to be reissued the card.
(B)   At Otaru City Library
  • Local users are required to bring some supporting documentation, which proves that you are living / studying in or commuting to Otaru.e.g.) driver's license, passport, ID card from the institute to which you belong.
    The Otaru City Library card is of unlimited duration.

III.How to apply for…

(A)   Otaru City Library's materials at OUC library (for OUC members)
  • Search the materials using the Otaru City Library's catalogue via internet in advance.
  • Fill out a Loan Request Form for Otaru City Library and submit it at the counter of OUC library, or make an application via phone call, FAX or E-mail.
(B)   OUC Library's materials at Otaru city library (for Otaru residents/commuters)
  • Search the materials using the OUC Library's OPAC through internet beforehand of your visit.・Loan request can be made by submitting a Loan Request form for OUC Library, or by contacting directly to Otaru city library via phone, FAX or E-mail.

IV.Lending Conditions

OUC Library Otaru City Library
Volumes 3 10
Loan period 1 month 1 month
Materials that are reference only Rare/valuable/reference/newly arrival books, Statistical materials, Graduation thesis, Periodicals, special collections, materials of the history of OUC, micro-forms, etc. non-circulating materials, local collections in the open stacks, collections of pre-war days of Japan, AV materials, newspaper, just-issued periodicals
Availability of reservations All the materials, excluding those needed by faculty All the materials, excluding those needed by faculty

V. Borrowing & Returning

  • The requested materials will be delivered by the mobile library called "Ushio (the tide)", which is owned by Otaru city library. You will be notified when the books are available at your library.
  • Presenting your Library card or ID is in all cases required at the time of borrowing.
  • Borrowers are fully responsible to return the library materials to the lending library by the due date.

VI. Service hours

To enjoy the service, you are required to go through the registration procedures at either of these libraries.

(A)   OUC Library 
    We accept requests, in principle, from 8:45 to 17:15.For application at late hours or weekends, please ask directly to the circulation desk or contact us via telephone.
(B)   Otaru City Library
    Otaru City Library accepts the requests during the business hours.Please check the library website before you visit.

VII . Others

・ For more information and directions, please feel free to contact us.
・ To know further about services at OUC Library for external users, "Guide for Visitors" might help.

Regulation of Otaru University of Commerce Library
Otaru City Library Enforcement Regulations

VIII. Inquiries

OUC Library Lending Unit
Otaru University of Commerce Library 3-5-21
Midori, Otaru, Hokkaido 047-8502 JAPAN
TEL: 0134-27-5273
FAX: 0134-27-5278
e-mail: lib-unyo@office.otaru-uc.ac.jp

Otaru City Library
5-1-1, Hanazono, Otaru, Hokkaido 047-0024 JAPAN
TEL: 0134-22-7726
FAX: 0134-34-0733
e-mail: tosyo-kan@city.otaru.hokkaido.jp
URL: http://www.city.otaru.hokkaido.jp/kyouiku/toshokan/toshokan.htm   

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  Publicity poster>Here

  Otaru University of Commerce URL> http://opac.ih.otaru-uc.ac.jp
Otaru University of Commerce URL> http://webserver.otarulib-unet.ocn.ne.jp/Kensaku.jsp

※Downloadable materials
 Loan request form for OUC Library > PDF / Excel
 Loan request form for Otaru City Library> PDF / Excel
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