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Transportation to Otaru
Train New Chitose Airport St. - Otaru St. by Rapid Airport Express
1hr.12min. / 1,750yen
Sapporo St. - Otaru St. by Rapid Train
40min. / 620yen
Bus Sapporo St. bus terminal - Otaru St. bus terminal
Approx. 50min. / 590yen
Timetable JR Hokkaido Railway company
Hokkaido Chuo Bus
JR Otaru St. to OUC Library
Bus Otaru-Shodai line
JR Bus terminal No.3 - Otaru-Shodai-Mae bus stop
Approx. 10 min./ 210yen
Taxi Approx. 10 min./ Approx. 700yen
Walk Approx. 30 min.
Timetable Hokkaido Chuo Bus
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