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In this page, we introduce the Department of Law in English briefly. We also go into details about it at another page (Sorry, only in Japanese). Please check on it (if you have a font fitted in Japanese).

The objective of the department is to produce business experts in law. It has its own curriculum focused on laws which are related to business activities and the education emphasizes the applicability of the knowledge of law.
The faculty is full-fledged. Students can learn not only the basic and traditional fields such as the constitution, the civil code, criminal law and commercial law, but also the new and applied fields such as intellectual property law, international economic law and international business transactions. In the seminars that begin from the third year, students are expected to acquire the attitude of logical thinking and a sense of justice and fairness by examinning the way to solve various legal problems that arise in the modern society.
Graduates obtain jobs in various fields including legal profession. There are also many graduates who become public servants or business workers in private companies.

Program and Subjects

The department has a noon course and a night one. The table below shows subjects mainly offered at a noon couse.


Basic Law

core subjects

Constitutional Law 1 (general, human rights)

Administrative Law 1 (general)

Civil Law 1 (general)

Criminal Law

advanced subjects

Introduction to Law

Constitutional Law 2 (governance)

Administrative Law 2 (various topics)

Tax Law

Civil Law 2 (contract)

Civil Law 3 (security for a loan)

Civil Law 4 (extra)

Topics in Criminal Law

International Law

International Organizations

Comparative Law

Topics in Basic Law

Business Law

core subjects

Commercial Law 1 (corporate)

advanced subjects

Commercial Law 2 (commercial transactions)

Commercial Law 3 (negotiable instruments)

Civil Procedure


Antitrust Law

Intellectual Property Law

Labor Law

Social Security Law

Environmental Law

International Economic Law

International Business Transactions

Topics in Business Law

*Arabic numerals on the table are formally replaced by romans.

Graduate School/Business Law Course

O.U.C. has a graduate school and the Department of Law offers subjects below.

Theories of ContractsTheories of Secured TransactionsTheories of DamagesLaw of Corporate OrganizationLaw of Commercial TransactionsLaw of Negotiable Instruments
Law of Civil ProcedureSystem of law and AdministrationPolicy Process in Local GovernmentsTax and LawLaw of Human RightsTheoriy of Law State
Modern Criminal LawMarket Structures and LawLegal Protection of InformationLaw of Labor RelationsLegal Theory of Social SecurityPublic Regulation of International trade
International LawInternational Business Transactions and LawSpecial Legal Studies ASpecial Legal Studies BGeneral Researches on Law AGeneral Researches on Law B

Masahiro MICHINO, Associate Professor of Commercial Law.
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