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インターネット環境を活用して学習する為には、そのデジタル教材をデリバリーするシステムが必要になります。それを実現するのが「LMS(ラーニング マネジメント システム)」です。




現在Blended Learningでは、MoodleとManaba両方のLMSを活用しています。

小樽商科大学 Blended learning Moodleサイトはコチラ(異文化ビジネス教育のページはID&PWなしで閲覧できます。)

小樽商科大学 Manabaサイトはコチラ(ID&PWが必要です。)

In order to learn something online, a system is needed to deliver digital learning materials. The delivery of such digital contents is achieved by the use of Learning Management System (LMS).

Since some may ask questions like “Emails function well enough for distributing digital contents, right”, let me here explain benefits for teachers and the students using LMS.

When sending emails, teachers tend to have such problems like “the email really delivered?”, “It takes troubles”, “I need to be concerned about the file formal as some students use mobile phones”, “It is hard to summarise assignments submitted” and so forth. Students may also have troubles like “I can’t open some files”, “I can share with other students”, “I cannot receive an email”, “I need a specific device to receive a file”, and so on.

Logging in to LMS by smartphones, tablets or computers, teachers can upload materials whilst the students can learn using the materials wherever and whenever they are able to connect to the internet. Teachers can check the learning progress of their students such as the log records of individual students and the submission of assignment.

In addition, LMS enables group works amongst students as well as assigning small quizzes which can be graded automatically. A variety of materials can be uploaded to LMS such as Word, PDF, hyperlinks, flash files with sounds, activities with advices from teachers, resources enable students to learn with their five senses activated.