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デジタルコンテンツとは、スマートフォン、タブレット、パソコンで利用買おうなデジタル形式の学習素材を指しています。例えば教材用に編集した動画や、楽しみながら学べるFlash素材などがあります。Blended Learningで用いるコンテンツは、先生のアイデアをもとにして、本学のデジタルタスク室スタッフが制作しているので、常に最新のオリジナリティあふれる教材で学ぶことができます。




英語コンテンツ 流れてくる音声を聞き、ストーリーに沿ってカードを並べます。

フランス語コンテンツ 単語と絵をドラッグ&ドロップで合わせ、その後音声を聞きます。

ドイツ語コンテンツ ドイツ語の道案内を聞きながらマウスでドラッグ(またはタッチパネル上を指で移動)すると軌道が残ります。



At the Blended Learning Project at Otaru University of Commerce, we are making original digital content from the ideas of teachers for use in class.

'Digital content' means content for the smart phone, tablets, PCs or other devices that can be used for learning. Examples include video content for learning material, or Flash content that the students can enjoy while learning. The content developed for the Blended Learning, which comes from the ideas of teachers, because it is made by the staff in the Digital task Research Room, is loaded with the latest originality to be used as material for learning.

Things impossible with paper, such as 'movement', 'sound', and 'go to another link' are now possible, utilizing all the senses of the students, for more effective foreign language study.

"In order to play the video, a video tag supported browser is needed."

English content: Students listen to the story and rearrange the pictures to make the story.

French content: Words and pictures are dragged and dropped to get so that the pronunciation will come out later.

German content: Drag the mouse (or the finger on a touch panel) while listening to the directions in German to find the way.

Please regard any questions about digital content to the Digital Task Research Room.

This is the Digital task Room!