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オンラインを使ったself-accessによる学習と、face-to-faceによる対面型の授業をブレンドした新しい授業形態です。小樽商科大学の実践型Blended Learningは、独自のデジタルコンテンツ作成、双方向通信の導入、異文化ビジネス教育の展開により、卒業までに海外のビジネスの現場で活躍できる実践的な語学力を身につけることを目指しています。




補足:このページで使用した図は、”Essentials for Blended Learning: A Standards-Based Guide for Blended and Hybrid Course Design” (http://essentialsforblended.com)から引用しています。

Just to give you a little information, a blended learning class is a class that uses technology and mobile learning to deliver the content of the course. By doing this, the students can access the content of the course at their leisure and study the content at their own pace. If you were to have complete on-line learning at one end of a line and complete face-to-face, or FtoF, at the other; blended learning would come just about anywhere between. Here is a graph below to show you:

As an example, the class plan you see below shows how a class, using blended learning, meets in the classroom, or onsite, every other class where as the other classes take place outside the classroom, or offsite, and online:

The blended classroom is also an excellent environment to conduct a flipped classroom where the instructor flips the lecture content to offsite and online and has the personalized ‘homework’ in the onsite classroom. In this way, the instructor can let the students study the difficult content on their own time at their own pace and have a more personal touch to the classroom when it meets.

Pictures above are quoted from: ”Essentials for Blended Learning: A Standards-Based Guide for Blended and Hybrid Course Design” (http://essentialsforblended.com